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Pub People Creating a Sustainable and Socially Acceptable Future in the Pub Sector

Whilst there is no major managed strategy around environmental and social governance at Pub People, our mentality of “doing the right thing” over the years quite naturally edged the Company down a more sustainable pathway.

Since 1993 we have taken gas, water and electrical meter readings at every pub, every week…..more significantly, we have done something with that data…before spreadsheets were even invented! Consequently when we have begun to consider managing power and water in a formally efficient way, we have been able to ensure our pubs have energy efficient systems in place and the people operating the pubs have a culture of energy efficiency.

We have worked hard and closely with the same suppliers over many years to identify and manage the huge volumes of waste that pubs generate, whether that be through the toilet system, food waste, glass, cardboard and general waste

The work with SSE and Biffa have given us a good start in reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Responsibility

At the pubs, we are aware that there are responsibilities around alcohol, gambling and food safety. Our policies and commitment to compliance certification has provided a framework to ensure that customers enjoy their experiences within our pubs safely and responsibly. Our work in Nottingham committing to the Best Bar None Scheme in each venue has helped train staff in a consistent and effective manner.

Every pub has a chosen charity, most often a local one for which money is raised for each year and where apporpriate  pubs are encouraged to develop teams, clubs and societies who are able to use the pub facilities for little or no charge.

More recently the increase in cycling has led to secure cycle shed, cycle racks and bike friendly pubs within the estate being fostered.

Pubs can be positive social hubs

“In today’s world of running a successful pub businesses , it is no longer acceptable to simply ignore the responsibilities that are all around us day by day. Busy pubs can be a positive social hub for communities, but operators need to be mindful of the issues around alcohol, gambling and healthy eating, alongside managing power and waste efficiently.

At Pub People we are working hard to get the balances right by delivering quality local products and investing time and money into energy saving initiatives, working productively with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint”

- Andrew Crawford, Managing Director

Working with suppliers on environmental management issues.

Pub People have a strong track record of working with suppliers to manage efficiencies across the estate.

Our relationship with waste management firm BIFFA is over 20 years old. During that time the disposal and management of our waste at each pub has changed dramatically. We now follow stringent parameter’s in  dividing waste into food, cardboard, glass and general items.

PHS water management systems in gents toilets have enabled us to safe volumes of water over the 25 years they have been in place. Our weekly monitoring of water usage helps us identify water leaks in what are often ancient underground pipes. We will then work with local contractors, using sophisticated gas pressure testing, and the water supply company to repair leaks in the system.

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