We are excited to announce the re-opening of the Hand & Heart in Nottingham following a major refurbishment!
Pub People announce the launch of their new website
We have completed the acquisition of our latest freehold - the Cross Keys in Belper - significant investment to follow

Become a pub operator

For many people, running a pub is an idealistic situation. It’s something people often think about: leaving employment, becoming their own boss, doing something they know will bring them satisfaction. But not many people follow through with this. Does this sound like you? Together we can make this perfect role happen for you.

What's it like running a pub?

Everyone of your customers, your friends and family will take great delight in telling you how to run your pub better!

What they can never grasp are that the keys to operating a successful and profitable pub are organisation, prioritisation, compromise and consistency…plus bags of energy and enthusiasm!!

We have never met anyone who, individually has the full skill set to run a perfect pub 365 days of the year!

But, we will help you develop your skills and the skills of your staff to provide a pub environment that is good to work in and a memorable experience for your customers.

Through this you will have the platform over time to develop a deep and loyal relationship with a wide base of customers.

Every pub licensee needs help and guidance at some time

The day to day running of a busy pub involves the organisation and execution of many small tasks.

Customer expectation is now so high that minor discrepancies or indiscretions can be taken out of all proportion.

Our operations team is dedicated to helping you focus on the priority work to ensure that you are complying with the law, managing your beer and food stock, administering the cash and paperwork, organising  and training staff, before a customer even walks through the front door!!

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