We are excited to announce the re-opening of the Hand & Heart in Nottingham following a major refurbishment!
Pub People announce the launch of their new website
We have completed the acquisition of our latest freehold - the Cross Keys in Belper - significant investment to follow

The Pub People Company owns and operates pubs in the East Midlands

The Pub People Company have been operating pubs in the East Midlands since 1993. All of our pubs are run by people who are self employed and want the support of a head office and business development function.

Our pubs are established and are well invested to compete effectively in their local markets. Where we can, local microbrewers and food suppliers are used extensively.

We have pubs in city centres, canal side locations but most often in local communities and neighbourhoods

Pub People was Established over 30 years Ago

The Company was formed in 1993, changing its name to Pub People in 1999. Initially the business focused on temporary holding contracts. This developed into permanent leases, some of which were then purchased as freeholds.

Significantly, the originators invested into the Company infrastructure which enabled the growth to be steady and controlled, taking advantage of opportunities but also able to weather harder times such as the smoking ban, the financial crisis of 2008 and more recently COVID 19.

Since the pandemic the ownership of Pub People has changed with the private equity firm, Downing, buying a majority share. This has resulted in a rapid growth phase as a number of new freehold pubs have been identified for acquisition and further investment is earmarked to exploit potential within the existing estate.

Our Values

Safe and friendly

We are passionately committed to providing a safe and friendly work place for all head office and pub based staff, where they feel challenged but empowered to “do the right thing” for the Company. We would like all our customers to experience a safe, friendly and time in our pubs enjoying consistently high quality food and drink at a fair price,  in surroundings that are maintained to the best standards.

Our suppliers

In terms of our suppliers, we value them highly and want to develop long term sustainable relationships based upon a negotiated price – quality – service ratio

Optimize profit

Our business ethos seeks to optimize profit and manage finances professionally and accurately alongside compliance with the law at all levels

Whilst sometimes we don't get it right, it is very important to us that our customers, our staff and our suppliers are treated in a courteous and friendly manner in every situation.

Like many things we were told along time ago, the old adage “the customer is always right” rings hollow today. The relationship between the pub staff, customers and others who come into contact with the pub from time to time can be very fluid and fast moving.

Whilst It is important that difficult and volatile situations are handled with care and sensitivity. We want all our customers to feel welcome in the pubs and appreciate the friendly atmosphere everyone is challenged to generate.

We will respond to and investigate comments and correspondence about individual pubs in an honest way. Where there are shortcomings on our behalf then we will be generous with our apology and compensation.  If our we feel our teams at the pub need our support, then it is important that we are seen to back them up.

Meet the Team

Sarah Strachan

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Crawford

Managing Director

Dave McKie

Operations Director

Vast Experience within a Small Organisation

Quite simply, if you have experience in running pubs, we will make you better. If you have never operated a pub, we will teach you how!

At the Pub People, you will be able to use your own ideas and thoughts to make your pub the best around. We will support you through our infrastructure and look to develop your pub over a long period of years so that it becomes an established local business, you can be proud of.

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