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The Pub People Company owns and operates pubs in the East Midlands.

 The Pub People Company are one of the top 50 pub operators in the UK.
We own an established estate of high quality food and drink pubs in and around Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Lincoln.
All of our pubs are managed, with a dedicated support function from our head office near Alfreton in Derbyshire.
We are committed to using local suppliers for our drinks and food. Many of our pubs stock cask ales supplied from local micro brewery's and our fresh meat is from farms in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
The Company is structured to support the pubs operationally. We have dedicated BDMs, Catering Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Stocktakers and a Property Manager and Helpdesk.


Our History

The Pub People Company was formed in 1993 under the name, Retail Management Services Ltd. Growth was steady as the Beer Orders in the late 1980’s had resulted in the larger brewers disposing of high numbers of pubs.
Naturally this encouraged smaller pub companies to emerge. RMS began specialising in temporary pub management work and then started developing its own permanent leased and freehold estates.
Investment initially was in the infrastructure of the business which focused on administration and cost management; which is still at the core of PPC today.
In 2000 RMS had built a solid core estate, with strong Pub Co and Brewer relationships. The Company was changing and developing into a substantive property and Pub Company and so chose to rebrand as The Pub People Company.
Investment was made in senior management as the Company sought to capitalise on new lease and freehold opportunities.
In 2004 the Company underwent a management buyout and the current shareholders, Kevin Sammons and Andrew Crawford completed that process.
In 2007, prior to the smoking ban, 12 freeholds were disposed of in a sale and leaseback agreement with the Indeed Pub Co. The proceeds of this sale enabled the Company to invest in an estate of higher quality pubs and also facilitated the office move to our current location.
Since 2007 the company has weathered the stormy economic environment, building up a quality estate of freeholds and leases, specialising in cask ale and good value fresh food. Investment has been made in refurbishments and operations which has enabled the pubs to compete with the growing number of managed brands


The Pub People Co Manifesto:

"We are passionately committed to providing both customers and staff with consistently high quality, a friendly, welcoming and rewarding
experience at every pub”.
Kevin Sammons
Managing Director
1. The Company will seek to optimize the sales potential at every pub through product and marketing innovation, excellent customer service and high standards.
2. The Company will invest in pubs so that the sales and profit potential of the outlets are optimized, giving a fair return for the Company and security for staff.
3. Pub People will manage the costs and margins of the business professionally ensuring that waste is minimized
4. The Company will provide excellent support for the licensees, staff and pubs through the Head Office Administration and Operations team.
5. The Company will encourage involvement in the community by individual pubs and local charities will be supported
6. Suppliers will be encouraged to develop long term relationships with the Company and where appropriate local suppliers will be used.
7. The Company will ensure that the pubs, licensees and staff comply with the law.


Kevin Sammons - Managing Director
e-mail kevin.sammons@pubpeople.com
Andrew Crawford - Operations Director
e-mail andrewcrawford@pubpeople.com